How to Use Gemstone Based on Rashi?

How to Use Gemstone Based on Rashi?

Typically, when you visit an astrologer to discuss the problems you are facing in your life, he/she asks you to chant some mantra on a daily basis or perform some puja to get rid of the doshas (barriers) in your kundali. But to perform pujas and chant mantras is not a feasible option for everyone. Hence, the next solution to this problem is gemstones. Gemstones have always had an important place in astrology. The logic behind wearing gemstones is that the rays of a gemstone enhance the thinking ability of the wearer. There are lucky stones for all rashis. There are various methods to find out which of the gemstone(s) will be lucky for you. One of the most popular ways amongst these is to find it based on your rashi that is the moon sign. Generally, astrologers suggest a gemstone based on the 1st, 5th, and 9th position of the house lords from ascendants. This is also known as the JanamKundali’s yoga karaka planets. It is said that gemstones must not be worn for the 6th, 8th, and 12th house lord planets. However, some astrologers hailing from the west suggest lucky stone for all rashi based on the 10th house lord. If you want to find the most effective gemstone, then it must be done based on the kendra of natal horoscope. Read more: Easy Access to Top Quality Jewelry Online The reason why gemstone selected based on moon sign is effective is that the moon stays on your zodiac sign for more than 60 hours. Here is a simple way to know your lucky gemstone based on your rashi (moon sign).

Red Coral for Aries

As per astrology, red coral stone is the best stone for Aries moon sign as Mars is the lord of this zodiac sign. This stone belongs to Mars. Hence, it can prove to be beneficial.

Diamond for Taurus

As per the Indian Vedic system, diamonds are suggested to be lucky for the Taurus moon sign. Other than diamonds, Taurians can go for a white sapphire, but it should work with either silver or white gold.

Green emerald for Gemini

Gemini or Mithunrashi has Mercury as its planet lord. Hence, it is suggested that a green emerald is its lucky gemstone. The lustrous green gemstone holds significance for enhancing intelligence.

White pearl for Cancer

As per Hindu astrology, the lord planet of Cancer is the moon. The moon being the source of imagination, makes white pearl the lucky gemstone for Cancer. White pearl is known to increase intelligence and balance mental health.

Ruby for Leo

Ruby is said to be the efficient gemstone for the moon sign Leo. The lord planet of Leo is Sun. Ruby is said to bring great benefits to people in administration, politics, and other similar departments.

Emerald for Virgo

Mercury is the lord planet of Virgo moon sign. The planet is the ruler of science, research, and even commerce field. Wearing emerald can increase your memory and bring great benefits.

Diamond for Libra

Libra or Tula rashi, as they call in Hindu astrology, are people with balanced thoughts, and they aim high always. Wearing diamonds can bring good luck as the ruling planet of this moon sign is Venus.

Red coral for Scorpio

Scorpio is one of the most competitive signs and has Mars as its lord planet. Red coral makes a perfect gemstone for Scorpions as it makes them a courageous and firm decision-maker.

Yellow sapphire for Sagittarius

Yellow sapphire is suggested to be a lucky stone for the Sagittarius moon sign. This moon sign is ruled by Jupiter. The yellow sapphire must be worn with yellow gold, preferably.

Blue sapphire for Capricorn

Capricorn has planet Saturn as the ruler planet. The blue sapphire, also known as Neelam, is famous for its power to create desire and belongs to the planet Saturn.

Blue sapphire for Aquarius

Similar to Capricorn, Aquarius also has Saturn as its ruling planet. Hence, blue sapphire makes a lucky gemstone for Aquarians.

Yellow sapphire for Pisces

Pisces or Meen, as they call in Hindu astrology, has planet Jupiter as the ruling planet. Thus, the yellow sapphire is believed to be very lucky for this moon sign.

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