Qualities To Consider When Buying An Engagement Ring – READ HERE

Qualities To Consider When Buying An Engagement Ring – READ HERE


Your wedding or day of engagement is one of the most critical and much-loved events in your life. Not only do you invest in your wedding financially, but you also invest emotionally. For life, you and your partner can tie together, and the rings of your diamond engagement are his physical proof. So you’d want to have the perfect ring for marriage. And it’s crucial to know some of the essential characteristics of a diamond to shop diamond rings on retail stores – online or offline. 

Diamond cut, color, weight, and clarity are essential characteristics you should see when buying engagement rings. These features determine the value of your diamond, both price-wise and look-wise.

  • Diamond-Cut: The cut is the most crucial aspect to consider when buying engagement rings online. Cutting defines a diamond’s brilliance and sparkle. A right-cut diamond will get the best sparkle. High quality will give you the best fire to your diamond. But if the cut is not proper, then though the diamond may have excellent color clarity, it will still look ordinary.
  • Diamond Color: The diamond’s color is the second most important feature after cutting. The diamonds of the highest quality are colorless and expensive. The color is subjective, and you can choose your choice of color. It is vital to note that a diamond’s color will affect your ring’s entire look. Intense colored diamonds are rare to find and are more costly. Nowadays, colored diamonds are trendy, but they can sometimes be expensive than colorless ones.
  • Diamond Carat Weight: Carat is the measuring unit used to weigh diamonds. One carat is 0.2 grams tall. Even a little difference in the weight of the carat can have huge margins affecting the price of a diamond. A variation of 0.1 carats will not be noticeable to naked eyes in two diamonds, but it will change its price. When you shop online diamond rings, you have to find a perfect mix of a carat weight and cut grade to buy the best ring. With the inferior cut grade, you can buy a larger diamond, but then it will not blend as you wish. You can opt for a higher cut grade and a lower carat weight instead; it will give you a very impressive, sparkling diamond.
  • Diamond Clarity: Clarity comes last in this list of features, but it is still one of the most important. The diamond in your ring is a natural stone, and it can have faults inside and outside. Clarity determines whether defects on a diamond are present or not. It also refers to light going through the stone and affecting its glow. Some diamonds are impeccable inside out, while some have outer surface inclusions only. Not only are flawless stones rare, but they are also expensive. It is common to find stones with slight inclusions. If you can’t spot any inclusion with naked eyes on the stone, that won’t affect its brilliance and fire.

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