Daily Wear Bangles That You Must Check Out Today

Daily Wear Bangles That You Must Check Out Today


Bangles form the must-have jewellery for every Indian woman. It signifies growth and maturity. I see little girls wearing matching bangles with their outfit, and many young girls prefer silver and light-weighted bangles. Whereas, adult women always go for something heavy and embellished.

Today, when a lot of options are not feasible, shopping bangles online can come in handy for a woman. Even if you don’t have any occasion planned to wear heavy bangles, many elegant daily wear bangles can give you a beautiful look.

There are different types of daily wear bangles that you should check out. They can give you a different look than what standard bangle designs previously offered.


  • SILVER/OXIDISED BANGLES: These types of bangles are every woman’s favourite. The shiny silver gives a graceful yet casual look. They can be paired with ethnic as well as semi-Indian outfits, such as jeans and Kurti. It is a perfect choice for all the boho look It comes in various designs, from light-weighted to heavy. Silver is the most common metal, but there are many other colour options available in the market. You can choose any of them as per your choice.
  • GOLD KANGAN: These are a little heavier than silver bangles. Usually, a single piece is preferred, while many people go for a pair. A pair of Kangan on both the hands can be sufficient if you are looking for a moderate look. There is a textured detailing on them, which makes them look elegant. A pair of Kangans can give you a unique look and is suitable for daily wear.
  • THREAD BANGLES: If you are a lover of handmade jewellery, then the beautiful thread bangles should be on your wrist. The fantastic colour options can pep up any daily wear outfit. It may sound a little experimental, but it can give a great expression. Moreover, they are feathery soft and won’t bother if worn on a daily basics.
  • METAL BANGLES: There is something about this type of bangle, that every other woman prefers to wear it daily. They are cheaper than gold bangles and more comfortable. They do not require any extra maintenance like other expensive bangles. Wear it every day without any hesitation, and it will stay the same for a very long time.
  • WOODEN BANGLES: Wearing a perfectly carved and polished wooden bangle should be your ultimate goal. Many women have worn these dark coloured traditional wooden bangles for a long time. Now, as everyone is breaking free and offering a variety, go for different colours to match your personality. The small and detailed designs on these bangles look super amazing.


We learnt a lot about different daily wear bangles. So, now go for something different to enhance your appearance and experiment with your look.

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Bangles are not just traditional ornaments anymore. They are a way of expression. You can choose from any one of the above-mentioned options according to your likes and preferences.

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