Best Reasons for Using Bongs

Best Reasons for Using Bongs


It’s truly relaxing to sit down on a La-Z-Boy with your favorite boys watching a great movie, munching on a snack, and holding a glass bong. Whether you are just a starter in these bongs or you have been using it for years, it could be confusing for you to choose among the many options of top quality bongs sold today. You can choose the bongs according to their prices. There are best bongs under $100 and also those that are under $50.

Bongs are of different types. They have come a long way since the time when a human started to create one through the use of a bamboo tube. The modern bongs can filter smoke in different ways which include the following:

The standard bongs use water for filtering smoke. Ice bongs on the other hand cool the smoke even more for smokers to experience a super smooth hit. You can find notches inside the tubes of these bongs. These notches could catch ice when they melt. Percolators can give users another level of cooling and smoke filtration. It includes various mechanisms such as tree, honeycomb-style, in-line and showerhead percolators. Recycling bongs, on the other hand, make use of a two-chamber system for cooling down herb smoke.

This increased filtration has its own distinct advantages which brings us back to the various benefits of using a bong:

Bongs are fun and interesting.

Bongs are a practical entertainment piece. They are also a great conversation starter. Glass is known for being versatile and it can come in various colors. Glass is also easy to mold which enables artists to create highly artistic bongs in a wide variety of shapes.

Bong can help clean the air by filtering bacteria and molds.

Bongwater can trap bacteria and mold that results in a decrease of microbes in the air you breathe. Those who use cannabis have the tendency to pass pipes, joints, and bongs often believed to pass along illnesses as well. However, with the use of a bong, all these contaminants are filtered by the water instead of your lungs.

Smoking is healthier with better filtration.

One of the reasons why smokers prefer bongs instead of the traditional glass pipe. When you smoke cigarettes, cigars, and glass pipes you are at a risk of inhaling burnt ash or even tar. With water bongs, however, the ash is trapped in the water and is blocked from getting into your mouth. Bongs also trap toxins and carcinogens from the herbs that are harmful to health.

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All these harmful substances are inhaled by smokers who use the traditional pipes. The bongs also cool down the smoke before it is inhaled which makes it easier on your lungs and prevent the risk of irritating the throat.

How to Use the Bong

The first step is to fill the bong with water. Then the herbs must be ground. Pack all these herbs into the bong bowl. The last step is to light the bowl, making it ready for smoking. It is also possible to enhance the bongs. Some bongs of today feature ice catchers allowing the user to put ice cubes in the neck of the bong.

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