Why Men Should Wear a Jockstraps

Why Men Should Wear a Jockstraps


Jockstraps have a lot of fans. A jockstrap is a type of undergarment that protects the male genitals particularly during strenuous physical activities such as cycling and any contact sport. It has a waistband and a pouch that supports and protects the male organ. Elastic straps are attached to the base of the pouch towards the left and right sides of the waistband that surrounds the hip. There are also various types of pouch.

A Bit of History

The jockstrap came to life in 1874. Male cyclists were all along the streets of Boston Cobblestone. Bike Web offered support in the front line, and from then on, it has become the world’s largest distributor of jockstraps.

Different Uses of Jockstraps

There are a plethora of reasons why men use jockstraps. These are as follows:


Jockstraps are not only valuable for support during workout; they can provide support when used daily. Most men tend to use the jocks and then followed by compression shorts to provide extra protection instead of getting the cup. This helps prevent the balls from sagging as time passes by. The cups are more popular during contact sports.

Working Out:

If you are a gym rat, jockstraps could be your greatest friend. It offers protection while working out and it ensures that the organ is safely tucked, which can give you more focus on the routine.

Dryness and Ventilation:

The jockstrap can keep its user dry due to the lack of material in the back. This won’t accumulate sweat during workout and keeps the genitalia dry. It’s easy for you to go through the hot summer months.

Post-Vasectomy Protection and Support

Urologists advise their parents who just underwent vasectomy to use jockstraps. Doing so can help prevent abrasion and blunt trauma on the private parts after the surgery.

Chafing Prevention

Since the jockstrap is snug and unmovable, it does not create friction, which prevents chafing. You can easily do anything as you please without having to worry about chafing.

No Bunching

Jockstraps are also great for men who like to wear tight jeans. The lack of material in the back can help prevent bunching and boxer lines. Your butt looks great no matter how long you are wearing tight pants.


Jockstraps can provide you comfort. The bare back as well as the elastic bands that hug your waist just right can give you none other than comfort. Since it is light, you might feel that you’re not wearing anything at all. Your movements may only be restricted when you choose the wrong size or fit.

Freedom of Movement

Tight underwear can restrict your freedom to move. The jockstrap is non-restrictive and you can move in any way you want. The bands of the garment fit just right under yur butt cheeks, giving you freedom of movement.

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