Best walking shoes for a woman

Best walking shoes for a woman


Walking has many health benefits; one among them is losing weight. If you walk a long distance on daily basis without wearing proper shoes then you might have to face a lot of health issues. There are many things which a woman should consider while buying the womens walking shoes. It has to be comfortable that is true by along with that there are many other things which you must look into like the shape of your foot; it is foot flat or high arched and many more things. You will be surprised to know that the woman’s foot size will change according to age. You should always choose shoes which are comfortable over the appearance. Let us discuss some of the popular walking shoes for women.

Brooks’s addiction: This is the shoe which is available in the market for a very long time. These are a specifically good option for people who have flat feet. The cushion provided in the shoe will help to reduce the impact on the joints by getting adjusted to the speed and weight of the person. The woman who wears orthotics must try these shoes. You may not find mush varieties and shades in them but, the comfort which they provide will make you overlook this thing.

Altra Rivera: These are very lightweight women walking shoes. They usually come in bright colors. Along with being more flexible, they also have a good shock absorber and cushioning effect. These are only made for women’s foot which gives enough space and proper positing for the feet.

New Balance 928v3: If you are buying these shoes then you can rest assured about the investment which you are doing. These shoes give a lot of support to your feet and also have an extra cushion in them. The new balance shoes are popular due to their extra wideness. The people who suffer from the feet swelling problem for them this is the best option. You can find them in all the different sizes.

Brooks’s adrenaline GTS21: If you searching for shoes that will be suitable for both walking and training then this is the best option. You can find many different colors in this pattern so you can choose your favorite color. They are also very lightweight and can be worn by both neutral and high arched foot type people.

Altra paradigm 5: These are the shoes that are suggested by most of the foot experts. They are best on the roads and for sure they will make you smile while you are walking by wearing them. The appearance of the shoe is also very attractive that does not mean it is not comfortable.


Hope this information will help all the women who like to go for walking regularly to be fit.

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