5 strongest types of silver chain

5 strongest types of silver chain


Silver is another popular metal in jewellery manufacturing after gold. In India, both the metals hold high traditional significance and are known for their malleability and sturdiness. You can find different coins and ornaments made from these metals in the market. However, silver is known to complement any outfit and stand the test of time.

Whether you plan to gift someone or treat yourself, the silver chain is an ideal accessory.Opting for a chain made from sterling silver is an undeniably great start. You will find various chains at each jeweller, including delicate, thin and light, thick and heavy, bold, subtle, sparkling, muted, decorative, and simple.

Storage instructions

It would be best to store it in a calm and clean place to prevent it from oxidation. You can buy the chain from an online jewellery shopping website or a local jeweller. It is essential to understand the value and importance of ornaments as they cost money and make us look glamourous for every occasion.

Physical attributes

Whenever you shop for silver jewellery, you need to consider its characteristics and physical attributes before finalising the purchase. If you plan to buy a chain, check how the jeweller crafted it and put it together. You can consider other factors like the thickness of the wire and link, the shape and density, the way each link pairs up with one another, the soldering of the chain, etc.

The types of chains

Whenever you go shopping in the market, you will find jewellery for different genders. The characteristics of a silver chain for men will differ from that of women since women wear delicate pieces. You can buy ornaments for anyone as a gift, for the wedding trousseau, or to please yourself. They are an ideal token of love and affection.

Wheat chain

Essentially, the strength originates from the individual link structure itself, combined with how the chain link pairs up. The uniquedesign of the link is thicker with a solid silver wire, and each link has then been twisted into a figure forming ‘8’ and paired up with not just the following link along but also the ones ahead. It ensures structural support.Start from a 1.9mm thick Spiga chain.

Curb chain

Undoubtedly, it is the most recognised and popular styles of silver jewellery in the world. It includes inbuilt craftsmanship where the metal will stretch if pulled than falling to pieces in the finer versions. Each link made from a thicker wire with a groove-like pocket sits snugly around the other. You can buy a chain with an ideal thickness of 1.8mm and higher while shopping for jewellery online.

Figaro chain

This chain is almost identical to the curb chain, and therefore little difference exists in their strength of links. The critical difference lies in the pattern of links. The Figaro chain pattern follows an elongated curb link supported by three regular curb chain links. You can opt for a thickness of 2mm and higher for medium pendants and 3mm upwards for larger pendants.

Marina or Anchor chain

The Marina chain is slightly more elongated than a curb link and features a horizontal bar in the centre of each link. This bar provides extra fortification, and the strength comes naturally to it. But it increases with the horizontal bar feature. Ensure that the Marina chain is not flat style since the depth of the link is very slim and wafer-like. The ideal thickness of the chain should be 4mm and above.

Ball bead chain

It has a classic shape – a smooth, highly polished round ball with a mirror-like finish. You can find this on many websites while jewellery shopping online. The difference between Sterling Silver and stainless steel versions is that the ends of the chains are closed together with a solid sterling silver spring clasp rather than a connector.

Each ball has a strong wire running through the centre, and since there is a slight gap between each ball link that follows another, it is certainly firm. Start from a 2mm width as the thickness and weight of the bead ball links support each other.


You can find various chains while shopping for online jewellery with the convenience and benefit of receiving the delivery at your doorstep. You can also get attractive schemes during festive seasons while shopping online.

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