Tulip Buying Guide – 5 Colors You Should Know

Tulip Buying Guide – 5 Colors You Should Know


Tulips are one of the most popular and gorgeous flowers in the world. They are also the perfect gift for various occasions. The popularity of this flower can be attributed to its relatively large size, range of striking colors, and its remarkable beauty. There exist more than 100 species of tulips, so you will find them in different shapes and colors at flower shops in Charlottesville VA. Here are some popular colors of tulips and their traditional meanings symboli sms, so you will know which one to buy for a specific occasion.

Yellow Tulip:

The meaning behind yellow tulips has changed over the years. They used to symbolize jealousy and rejection in love back in the day. But now,they are related to happiness, loyal friendship, and sunshine. Yellow tulips are an ideal gift for birthdays, for congratulating your friends, family or peers, or to thank someone.

Red Tulip:

If you love someone deeply, convey your emotions by sending a bouquet of red tulips. Red tulips are all about love and desire, which is why the flower has an emotional aspect to it. Red tulips emanate the feeling of passion and romance, so this is a great choice if you want to confess your love for someone. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, be sure to order red tulips for flower delivery in Charlottesville VA soon before they run out of stock everywhere.

White Tulip:

The color white usually symbolizes peace and purity. Therefore, white tulips are the obvious choice if you want to make peace with your loved one. Sometimes it is a nice gesture to offer a beautiful arrangement of flowers to someone, rather than apologizing in words. Besides asking for forgiveness, white tulips are also great as a Thank You gift for your friends and family. And a vase of white tulips with beautiful greens is an elegant expression of sympathy.

Pink Tulip:

When you want to congratulate someone in the best way, give them a bouquet of pink tulips. Pink represents best wishes, confidence, and good health. When visiting someone who is unwell, pink tulips will be a gift they’ll appreciate. Pink tulips are perfect for different occasions such as birthdays, graduations, and expressing your love.

Orange Tulip:

Similar to yellow tulips, orange embodies enthusiasm, joy, and rays of sunshine. It is also closely related to love, though not as passionate as the color red. Orange tulips can be presented to appreciate a mutual connection or relationship (which doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic). Offering a bouquet of orange tulips shows gratefulness and understanding to the recipient, so feel free to send them a bouquet via flower delivery in Charlottesville VA for almost any celebratory occasion.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your preferred type of tulips online to have them delivered to your recipient at the right time. Should you need more assistance, talk to a professional florist in Charlottesville VA today!

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