Traditions and Burkas

Traditions and Burkas


A burka is the outermost layer of clothing worn by the women of some Islamic traditions. It is worn over the normal daily clothes of the woman whenever she steps out and is removed when she returns back to her home. The main intention behind this is to hide the body and face of the woman from the public, most importantly from the men who are not in her family or is not her husband. Wearing a burka is also perceived as a statement of their religious sentiments and their strong faith.

Where can you find a burka for yourself?

It is simple. You can get a burka for yourself by any of the three ways mentioned below:

Retail Stores- There are many retail stores that sell burkas, abayas, hijabs, niqabs and any other articles of clothing worn by the Muslim women. You just have to find the one near you and get yourself one. You also don’t have to worry about the size as burkas are mostly free sizes which are supposed to be loose, fitting most figures.

Tailoring- If you can’t find a store near you or for any other reason you can always opt for tailoring. The tailor will make a fresh piece of burka according to your size from loose fabric. If you want you can also mention details you would particularly want in your burka.

Online Stores- You can also buy a burka online with the help of your computer or smart phone. Though there are many options available online, you should be careful. The burka online store you choose to buy from should be a reliable one.

Sometimes the face is left uncovered by some burkas, but most of them have a cloth veil or a wire mesh covering the face while letting the person wearing it see through it. Its exact origin is unknown, but similar types of attires have been observed since the start of Muslim religion in 622 C.E., worn by the women in Saudi Arabia, India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is also written in Koran, the holy book of Islam that the believers should be humble and cover themselves before God.

India has a huge Muslim population and wearing a burka is very common among the females here. In various areas, wearing a burka is made obligatory only when a girl comes of certain age. Usually the husband of the woman decides if she should keep on wearing a burka or not. Also the styles worn by the women in India are different from the type women wear in other countries, such as Afghanistan.

There are numerous online stores in India, who deliver your burkas right at your doorstep. You don’t have to go outside to buy yourself a burka. It is very simple to make your first burka online purchase with just a few clicks. Though in some countries it is mandatory to wear burkas, here it is on the individual whether she wants to wear it or not. So buy one online and keep it handy whenever you need it.

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