Top Choices Of Toys For 12 Months Old Kids

Top Choices Of Toys For 12 Months Old Kids


There are a lot of choices when speaking of toys for kids. When you are going to shop online, you will see a list of toys according to the age of children, including toys for 1 year olds. Yes, it is understandable that toys must be categorized according to the age of the children.

Toys have been categorized according to age, such as from 1 year old to 3 years old. Picking a good toy for a one-year-old kid must be functional.

What is an educational toy?

An educational toy is a learning toy; toys can be of different purposes. It can be a toy just for fun and play. But, what is considered the best toy is the learning toy. Here is a list of educational toys for 1-year:

  • Music maker
  • Little senses lights and walker
  • Blossom blush bunny
  • Multi-stage sensory gift set
  • Baby to toddler sensor gift set

These are only a few of the best toys for kids. If you consider buying a toy for your cutie’s adorable 1-year-old baby, why not have one of the toys mentioned on the list?

Why choose them?

These toys are not only good for playing. It can help the overall development of the child. It can help them develop motor skills, senses, and other factors for the development of the baby. Keep in mind that the development of the child affects everything.

Since kids love to play, why not buy them a more purposeful toy? An educational toy will be a good option. It is better to invest your money in a more sensual purchase.

Best gift for a 1-year-old kid

There are so many choices of toys for a 1-year-old kid. But, you must have considerations when choosing a toy to buy. Here are considerations when you buy toys for a one-year-old kid:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Affordable
  • Not complicated
  • Safe to play

All these are considerations when you buy a toy. But, keep in mind that not all toys are safe. Considering the age of the child, tendencies like they will place the toy inside the mouth. So, the toys mustn’t be poisonous. One of the reasons why parents are not so confident about buying toys online is the safety of the child.

One great tip for parents buying toys for their 1-year-old child is the material used. Wooden toys are the most recommended stuff for your child. It is non-toxic and very safe once placed inside the mouth or bitten by the child. Some kids have the habit of putting into their mouths the things they are holding.

Thus, pick a wooden toy as good stuff for your 1-year-old kid. By choosing that, you are confident that the kid is safe at all costs.

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