Tips on how to make your employees feel welcomed

Tips on how to make your employees feel welcomed


Consider the last time you started a new job; it was your first day. It was really overwhelming. You might have come away from it with an uncertain image of your new work, depending on how well it went.

The good news is that as an employer, you now have the opportunity to influence your newly hired colleague’s opinion of your business for the better. Listed below are some pointers for helping them feel at home with a welcome kit for new employees.

1. Let them know you’ve been waiting for them.

When new employees initially start working, they might find that none of their new coworkers were even aware of their impending arrival. Or they observe their boss frantically trying to get them a workspace or the equipment they require to perform their duties, such as a computer or phone. They may feel discouraged and begin to question their hiring decision as a result. By taking the effort to set up their workspace and presenting them a welcome kit for new employees before they arrive, and informing their new coworkers of the day their new team member will start, you may prevent this.

2. Give a complete tour of the work and responsibilities

It can be confusing to work in a new office, especially if you don’t know anyone and have no idea where anything is. Imagine having a bathroom emergency on your first day and being unsure of where to go. As you introduce them to people, give your new colleagues a tour of the workplace and its amenities along with a welcome kit for new employees. There’s little chance they’ll recall everything, but knowing they’ve already been introduced can make them feel more at ease when asking questions later.

3. Offer an abundance of on-the-job training

Of course, you intend to train your new colleagues, but make sure that the instruction covers all the minor details that an experienced worker could take for granted, including how to operate the phone system or the copier. Start their employment training on the first day without hesitation. Start off with little, easy chores and let them become accustomed to them.

4. Begin by assigning them simple, doable chores.

Give them some time to get used to their new position and enjoy their welcome kit for new employees before you start adding all the large, challenging duties. They will have a better chance to adjust and develop their confidence if they are given simpler, more manageable jobs. To prevent them from feeling overwhelmed, be sure to give them a ton of specific directions.

5. Assign a mentor to them

It’s common for someone to be unsure of the specifics during the first few weeks of work. By designating a mentor to whom they can turn with any queries until they get their feet under them, you may assist them in navigating the chaos.

6. Complete the papers ASAP

Even though it’s not the most pleasurable step, documentation is necessary. On their first day, it might help them feel more productive. You might even think about emailing them the documentation in advance of their first day so they can get started right away.

7. Request their opinions.

Ask them how everything went at some point at the end of their first day. Are there any queries from them? Were they concerned about anything in particular? Is there anything you could have forgotten that they might need? They may leave with a positive first impression of their new work if they know you care about them.

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