How Laser Can Help You Grow Hair

How Laser Can Help You Grow Hair


If you are facing hair fall and looking for solutions to stop it and regrow your hair, congratulations! You have just landed on the solution, that is laser therapy. Be your hair fall hereditary, genetic or due to age, every kind of hair fall can be cured by laser. A number of solutions promise to stop hair fall completely and halt it. While some are natural remedies, but with numerous technological advancements, laser is the star treatment available to grow hair. Various other modern age solutions are also available for you to benefit from. Solutions like topical gels and hair serums are widely available in the market. If you are suffering from a receding hairline, patchy baldness or hair thinning. Don’t worry, it all can be easily cured with laser treatments.

Laser therapy for hair growth

Laser is the ultimate solution for hair fall, laser therapy releases photons into the tissues of your scalp and are then absorbed by weaker cells to increase the growth of your hair. Laser therapies from clinics are very beneficial but the hassle of regular appointments and scheduling it into your busy schedule is a big problem. I can understand and for that laser caps can be highly useful as they are portable and easy to carry and use. For those who are super busy and have absolutely no time on hand to go for laser therapy appointments, this is the ultimate solution. For those of you who are already familiar with laser therapy caps and ask as to which solution is better from Illumiflow vs Capillus, we say that both are super result yielding products. Both of these products are physician approved and have good customer reviews and feedback with people experiencing increased hair growth. And mind you, it is far less expensive and invasive than a hair transplant surgery.

Other options to promote hair growth

A number of options, other than laser, are widely popular and available to grow hair. Essential hair vitamins and mineral supplements like biotin are extremely popular, they can sure increase hair growth. Also another method is using organic oils mixed with onion water to boost hair growth.

Keratin treatments and keratin supplements are also quite successful in treating hair fall and hair loss and also promote hair growth at faster levels. If you cannot have access to keratin treatments, you can always go for protein treatments at home. Just whisk an egg, mix it with yogurt and voila! There. You have a spa treatment that is affordable and you can do it every week. The results are sure to be promising. Hair growth can also be increased by improving the quality of your diet, one aspect that is often overlooked. By consuming protein rich food like fish and eggs, hair quality and hair growth increases magnificently.


While all these ways may seem popular and affordable, the results take a considerable amount of time to show. As continuous and persistent use of these methods is needed. If you practice these methods religiously and seriously incorporate them into your diet, the results will show up. But the best method that is quick and effective without any hassle is laser therapy for sure! Click Here for more Hair Care blogs.

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