Five classy shoes every woman should own

Five classy shoes every woman should own


It is a fact that shoes can make or break your outfit. You can buy shoes for women either at a retail store or an online platform. Shoes have a unique ability to set the tone of any outfit. You need a good selection of essential shoes that will elevate your appearance.

Following are five classy shoes every woman should own-

1. A classic white sneaker.

Sneakers are cool, and a classic white sneaker can make any outfit look cool and effortless. When you decide to buy shoes for women, you should get a sneaker as sneakers provide stability to your feet, and when you jump off any surface, your feet are less likely to get hurt. They are a great blend of functionality and style and provide more cushioning and support than sandals. A classic white sneaker is perfect for a minimalist.

2. Mules and loafers.

Mules and loafers will add a touch of elegance to your attire. Many young girls opt for mules and loafers as they immediately make any outfit look more sophisticated. On top of that, they are flat, so one doesn’t need to compromise on the comfort quotient. Loafers are detailed-driven, comfortable and easy to take on and off. The best part is that loafers serve a multipurpose use, and they can be worn in formal and casual attire. The best part about them is that they have a good thick sole, and they are not prone to giving blisters. Hence, whenever you buy shoes for women, you should include a pair of loafers.

3. Heels.

Every girl should own a pair of heels as it gives you a classy look. Kitten heels are the type of heels which have a close front that enables your toes to be exposed all the time. You can wear these to formal gatherings or a party. When you pair slim-fit jeans with a kitten heels, it increases your glamour quotient. Nowadays, even lace-ups are in a fashion which, instead of a strap, has a long lace in varied colours. You can buy shoes for women in different styles and budgets according to your convenience.

4. Slide sandals.

It is an excellent idea to own a pair of slides as they help your feet breathe and stay sweat-free. They are designed to be light and comfortable. The most appealing part of buying slides for women is that they are very easy to put on and take off. These sandals are designed to pamper the soles of your feet very comfortably. However, the slides you own should be snug enough and they should not cause blisters at all. It is recommended to go for the slide which has adjustable straps.

5. Ankle boots.

If you are looking out to wear the most impeccable pair of shoes, you should buy ankle boots. Ankle boots go with a myriad of outfits such as jeans, skirts and jeans. If you are looking for a very casual look, you should opt for brown ankle boots.

Thus, you can buy shoes for women from any of the types mentioned above

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