Buy celerity engagement diamond ring online

Buy celerity engagement diamond ring online


Giving an engagement diamond ring is one of the best ways to show how much you treasure someone. On the other hand, someone who receives an engagement diamond will acknowledge how they feel loved. The most famous actress, mostly women, have been seen severally with engagement Ring Concierge. However, the diamond’s size isn’t necessarily what makes someone recognized or famous, but it’s just the combination of the renowned lady and the engagement ring itself.

The origin of the diamond engagement ring

The first-ever diamond engagement ring was a witness during the wedding ceremony of a famous individual known as Maximilian of Austria and Mary from Burgundy. The purpose of this diamond engagement was to unite two homes, which made their marriage country’s unifying symbol. Princess Mary was the smallest engagement diamond ring that has ever been offered.

Famous ladies ever seen with engagement rings

Famous and celebrities influence the style and look of numerous fashion aspects and set of trends. The diamond engagement ring has not been excluded from this concept. The partial list below shows the prominent ladies with their popular engagement rings:


Queen Elizabeth the second received a diamond engagement ring, Prince Philip that he was given by his mother Tiara.  Prince Rainier also gave grace Kelly a 12-carat diamond engagement ring. Lady Diana also was engaged with a diamond ring designed with 18 carats of oval sapphire circled by 14 diamonds.


Elizabeth Taylor received her engagement from her 3rd husband popularly known as; Michael Todd weighed nearly 30 carats. However, she was also commonly known with her appealing piece of jewellery, which was a 39-carat diamond, 69.42-carat Taylor-Burton diamond. She was also given 17th heart-shaped diamond.

Replica of engagement diamond ring

One of the engagement diamond replicas that were ever witnessed from a celebrity was the famous pink diamond ring offered by Ben Affleck to Jennifer Lopez. It was 6 carats radiant shaped with a pink diamond that captured attention quickly of many, and after that impression, it became highly sought.

The pink diamond replica is made with a platinum band and three baguette diamonds on every side. The pink diamond ring was purchased in 2002 for $1.2 million. Pink diamond ring can be easily identified with modern-looking and feminine. Pink diamond replica ring is currently available at a reasonable cost.


The price of the pink diamond replica depends on the stone quality, and the material is used to replicate the pink engagement diamond ring. Other replicas are designed as extra traditional diamond rings. These types of replica rings are lasting quality just like Engagement Ring Concierge brand; they come with the symbol of heritage and tradition. Not everyone can afford the original version of the diamond ring, and that’s why replicas market is available for these a copy of diamond ring.

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