Best Times to Schedule Your Running

Best Times to Schedule Your Running


Numerous studies have proved that running is an amazing way to get into shape and can benefit almost every part of the body. It is a natural mood uplifter and just requires some motivation, to begin with. If you have decided to take up running, there are billions of people across the globe engaged in the activity, owing to the immense benefits on offer such as calories burn, bone and joints strengthening, a boost in cardiovascular health, etc. Running also doesn’t require any expensive gym membership or the like. Just strap on pair of ASICS running shoes from ASICS showroom in Delhi that can be found scattered across the city including shopping destinations such as Select CITYWALK mall and hit the road, pavement, trail, or treadmill. For most beginners, one of the most common questions to cross the mind is the time of the day that is ideal for running. Below mentioned are some of the pros and cons of running during different times of the day and night:

Early Morning:

For those with hectic schedules, early morning is the only time available when they are free from the hustle-bustle of the day. There are also others who prefer to run at the crack of the dawn. No matter which category you fall into, keep in mind that the body temperature is lower, brain foggier, and muscles stiffer during the early morning. However, this shouldn’t dissuade you. Kick off your day with a morning running session and see your metabolism rev up, blood pressure lowered, and focus improved for a better day ahead. Additionally, a morning run leaves you with enough evening hours for other activities including family time.


If your schedule allows, waiting till mid-morning is the best as the temperature is a bit warm, ideal for an outdoor run and your body might respond to running better during this time of the day. Your joints and muscles loosen up by mid-morning. Additionally, a gap of a few hours between your run and your breakfast allows for adequate digestion that prevents any type of gastrointestinal issues. Mid-morning is also the time when testosterone levels are at a peak which allows for more muscle building by inclining on a treadmill or running bleachers.


Running at lunchtime might be ideal for some and not for others. However, it does offer certain benefits. Since running boosts energy, exercising at lunchtime can make the rest of the day more productive. If you are an office or a school goer, running at lunchtime may also prove to be an ideal transition between play and work. It is best to have your lunch after running to avoid stomach upsets.


The benefits of running during the afternoon are aplenty. It’s the most bright and pleasant time of the day for running outdoors. Also, muscles are naturally warm and energy stores, body temperature and lung capacity are all at peak mid lunch and dinner. It’s also a good time for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and sprints. Ideally, you must do a combination of short intervals of jogging and very fast running.


It is often hard to feel motivated enough to run at the end of the day. However, if your day is hectic with lots of meetings, classes, childcare among other things, an evening run can be a great way to de-stress, paired with a warm shower. It also preps your body for better sleep.

If you choose to run after dark, wear reflective clothing so that other bicyclists, drivers, and pedestrians can see you. Running in well-lit places is advisable for avoiding potholes and bumps. You may also invest in a headlamp. Head to ASICS showroom in Delhi, Select CITYWALK to grab a pair of running shoes and get going.

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